Our Story

In 2006 Patricio Duran and Paul Delgado, international business entrepreneurs, agreed to search a new business project for the introduction of a new product with exceptional characteristics to compete globally. Inspired by a fully automated production line of craft chocolate, they decided to enter this business. Besides this, they would like Ecuador to be known as one of the top producers of dark chocolate, and to see their final product in every city in the world.
The adventure begins in Vinces, an Ecuadorian region in the province of Los Rios, also known as Little Paris, where they visited a farm and evaluated the quality of cocoa acquiring their first selection of organic cocoa, the "National Arriba".
Back in Quito, they started experimenting with their first cocoa quintal.  After roasting the beans and winnowing the shells, they got marveled by the nibs for their color and their subtle floral aroma and intense smell of chocolate that filled the whole room. After completing the process, they got their own handmade chocolate. Their passion for dark chocolate had begun and the path had been set for a product that is currently well known in Ecuador, and is now starting to be known in the world for its quality.
Rodrigo Duran, Patricio's brother, joined the team in 2007, and provided innovative ideas with unique designs needed to give the product a distinctive personality.
With the skills, knowledge and principles of the team, they have successfully achieved their goal of being part of the world of chocolate.
The path to produce high quality dark chocolate is a passion that requires endurance, motivation, knowledge, experience, and innovation so as to captivate and surprise the palate, and transcend with unique aromas and flavors.

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