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VALDIVIAN® chocolate brand was inspired in Ecuadorian Valdivia culture, first pottery civilization of America and the oldest on the continent. It emerged between 3500 and 1800 B.C. on the coast of Ecuador, Santa Elena Peninsula in the estuary of the Guayas River.
Valdivians worked ceramics and particularly figurines of stone and then clay, called Venus, famous for highlighting nude female forms. Represented one individual and unique woman and were objects related to fertility and health. Also had complicated hairstyles of all sizes, while higher and elaborate the hairstyle was, indicated the woman was senior in the tribe.
Our elegant and exclusive packaging designs are the result of a graphic study of archaeological artifacts from the Valdivia culture. Simplifying forms and bringing them to the present so that they are seen through a modern representation but still retain the essence of their ancestral creators.
The brand starts with two exclusive dark chocolates made with selected cocoa beans in plantations from Ecuadorian provinces of Los Ríos and Manabí, for a traditional bouquet of flavors and aromas that most represent Arriba cocoa.
VALDIVIAN® currently has a line of single origin dark chocolate, Organic and Kosher certified. Ecuador to have regions with different climates, suitable for growing cocoa, becomes a potential enhancer of flavors and aromas for Arriba cocoa, that allows us to have a wide range of gourmet flavors by region, even been able to achieve differences of flavors and aromas with single plantation cocoa in the same region.
More than a chocolate we provide a unique experience of flavors and aromas that take us through the fascinating history of Arriba cocoa and one of the most important cultures of humanity.
VALDIVIAN® chocolate is History and Flavor !

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