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In 2008 our company Fine & Flavour Foods® was legally constituted arising from a passion for chocolate. We believe that quality is paramount in all our products. We seek to reach customers with new alternatives for gourmet flavors and unique packaging designs, evoking new emotions and enjoyment of our brands.
Our company name is inspired in Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional Cocoa Trees, considered Forastero-type "fine or flavor" category according to the International Cocoa Organization, and that differ from the "bulk" or "ordinary" category for having fine flavors including fruits (fresh, golden, ripe fruits), floral, herbal and woody notes, nutty and caramel notes and rich and balanced basis of chocolate.
We are founded on three pillars of responsibility:
100% Nacional Arriba Cocoa
We produce our chocolates at the source, selecting the best organic certified, single origin, Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa beans from farmer associations that take care of the environment.
All Natural Ingredients
We use only natural ingredients in our chocolates, with no artificial flavors nor vanilla, to offer our consumers a pure experience of flavors.
Fair Price
We work directly with the farmer associations located in different regions of Ecuador, producers of the best Arriba cocoa, and pay them a fair price for their product.

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