Emma’s delicious dark organic chocolate cake: gluten free or not?

Or make two cakes: one gluten-free and one not. 

Two San Francisco moms, who love dark chocolate (in fact the darker the better) were eager to make a delicious dark chocolate cake recipe of a friend of theirs. They were going to bake it with their kids, so Emma’s super yummy easy three step recipe was ideal.

One of the moms eats only gluten-free food, so they wanted to bake a totally gluten-free cake and another cake with regular flour.  

They wanted to use 70% or more cocoa, so VALDIVIAN's 72% and above gluten-free chocolate disks were ideal. They used VALDIVIAN's 72% Manabi single-origin gluten-free chocolate disks for the gluten-free cake and the 78% Esmeraldas disks for the regular recipe.

They also wanted to use only organic and pure ingredients for their recipe, therefore 100% organic VALDIVIAN chocolate disks made at the source of the Arriba beans, with only 2 ingredients: cocoa and sugar were the perfect ones.

The same recipe below was used for both cakes (replacing regular flour with gluten free for the gluten free one), a regular baking pan was used for the gluten-free one, and fun mini-cake pans were used for the regular one.


4 organic eggs

with 180 grams of organic sugar,

adding 60 grams of organic flour (use gluten-free one for the gluten-free recipe)


150 grams of organic butter

200 grams of VALDIVIAN's gluten-free and organic 72% or 74% or 76% or 78% cocoa disks (they easily melt as they have extra cocoa butter instead of soy-lecithin)

Mix ingredients


18 minutes at 336 degrees F

Emma’s big cake and little cakes came out delicious and were greatly enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 09/09/2015 by Carmen Cordovez Home, Recipes 0 1800

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